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What to look for when finding the perfect Preschool?

John Cutis - Monday, January 01, 0001

Are you in the process of finding a daycare for your child? This decision is a very important one as the welfare and happiness of your precious child is a priority. Is the staff friendly? Can you leave your little one in the care of the daycare you have chosen with confidence?

Those first few days of leaving your child can be difficult we are aware of the struggles parents face dropping their kids to daycare. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on a daycare for your child. However, we have narrowed down three of the most important factors you should always consider.

These three are:


The staff are qualified to make your child's time at their daycare memorable. The staff need to be professional at making both parents and children feel comfortable. They understand parents may feel slightly overwhelmed in the first week.  When you visit a childcare centre for the first time make sure you meet all the staff and get familiar with their values, morals and understanding of your child's wellbeing. Staff are family, they are part of your child's development so be sure to select the daycare that has staff who are aligned with your child's education.  However, rest assured your precious one is in the safest hands and when it is time to collect your child he or she will be settled and excited to tell you about their day.
Activities are what shape your child's development. They learn life skills from their environment and behaviours from those around them. Understand the programs that are on offer for your child.  A good daycare will offer a range of stimulating activities, often including painting, water play, group activities and music and reading. It’s also very important to consider the rules set out during activities. Its important whether the child wears a hat when outside, how they handle bullying and playtime.
The reputation of any childcare is significant make sure you check thoroughly to reassure yourself. Read reviews, talk to other parents, ask questions and weigh up the pros and cons before making a final decision. A good reputation will often mean wonderful programs, welcoming staff and a safe environment for your child.

Billy Kids Is Your Choice

Billy kids are open from 8 to 7 the hours are accommodating for parents who work long hours or who need a bit of me-time. Meals are provided however if you would prefer to have your child eat a meal or snack from home that is absolutely fine. Billy kids are happy to accommodate any requests in regard to you child because it is your child that is a priority. The care and welfare of your baby or child is the number one priority at billy kids we encourage group times for the kids to interact and socialise also encouraged is a quiet time for time to refocus.
If you are deciding on a daycare for a child under 2 years old billy kids is a perfect choice. Professionalism and hygiene are a priority. From bottles to nappies to regular rest time all aspects of the care of your infant is paramount.
Billy kids early learning centre is right in the heart of Pymble and bigola close to all amenities. The moment you walk into the centre you feel the happiness and fun. The staff are fully trained in all facets of child education for babies to six years olds. The early learning of your child is very important socially a child needs stimulation and tools within the centre to encourage a happy outlook. With the correct tools, you will see you little one flourish.
Safety is highlighted with our child-friendly centre we encourage outdoor and indoor playtime and all equipment, toys and our surrounding areas