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Heuristic Play in the Babies Room

Steph Lohmann - Thursday, May 18, 2023

Over the last few weeks our educators have been facilitating heuristic style play. What is heuristic play you may ask? It is a style of provocation that requires various play materials that
are just everyday household objects—the uses of which are not predetermined by educators.

Heuristic Play is an innately sustainable practice with deep learning benefits. Our educators' facilitation of heuristic play came about by observing the 0-2 year olds expressing sheer wonder in everyday objects.

The scope of heuristic play materials is unlimited. It allows children to discover, create, improvise and imagine using a multi sensory approach, furthering sensory motor and cognitive skill development. It also facilitates an opportunity to observe emerging interests or behavioural schema (repeated inquiry) to extend children’s innate desire to learn and discover.

Another wonderful thing about heuristic play is that it can be easily extended upon at home. Many parents have noticed their child’s new found curiosity in ‘that’ cutlery drawer in the kitchen.