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The Carrot Project

Educators Michelle & Sarah - Thursday, May 18, 2023

A new collaborative gardening project & learning journey in the 2 year old room. It was sparked by the book "The Carrot Seed" by Ruth Kraus and the children's interest in a simple packet of carrot seeds.


Many children were keen to take a closer look at the tiny carrots seeds that came out of the seed packet through a magnifying glass. We looked at a small pot of carrot seedlings growing their lovely green coloured stems and wondered what the seed looked like under the dirt. Bunches of carrots were then introduced and extended our conversations as we named the different parts to a carrot.


This simple learning ignited further inquiry when a curious observer within our Lorikeets group wondered, “Why is there DIRT on all of the carrots!?”. A carrot washing station was set up and everyone took turns to give the carrots a good wash! Of course we sang as we washed 🎶‘Wash the dirty carrots, wash the dirty carrots. Rub and scrub and rub and scrub. Wash the dirty Carrots🎶


The positive benefits of tongue training came to light as some delicious carrot taste testing occurred. The children were so engaged with the crunchy sensation and sweet scent that we decided to plant some ourselves.


Turning the soil, picking out old leaves, softening the soil with our watering cans and sowing the carrot seeds. With many little hands making the job light work, there was much co-operation and enthusiasm displayed in this learning relationship.


Our educators extended upon the interest through a colourful, collaborative experience of collaging a giant carrot. They were ripping and tearing the orange paper, snipping with the safety scissors, layering and glue glue glueing! When children are using their hands in these ways they are using a combination of their senses, increasing upper body stability, maintaining visual attention and learning to coordinate their finger movements.

Children explored with their senses and were able to discover the pleasure of being in nature, make new discoveries in the garden and create positive associations with healthy foods.