We are a small provider of Quality
Early Childhood Education and Care

Welcome to Billy Kids!

We are a small provider of quality Early Childhood Education and Care

Since opening our doors in 2008 we have provided an exceptional environment for young children. A place where they feel safe to play, find new friends and are empowered to learn.

That environment is created by our wonderful group of Educators, many of whom have been a part of the Billy Kids family for five years or longer. We have also been honoured to support a large number of our staff in their training to become qualified, respected teachers.

Similarly, it is a joy for us to see many of our children grow from babies right up to when they leave us for school. Along the way we often welcome their siblings and form a close bond with the whole family because of the relationships the children have shared with their Educators.

Our services have been awarded EXCEEDING by the National Quality Standard because our outstanding Educators go above and beyond every day. We are so proud of the level of education they are committed to and the community they have built.

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Latest News

Heuristic Play in the Babies Room

Heuristic Play in the Babies Room

Over the last few weeks our educators have been facilitating heuristic style play. What is heuristic play you may ask? [more]

The Carrot Project

The Carrot Project

A new collaborative gardening project & learning journey in the 2 year old room. It was sparked by the book "The Carrot Seed" by Ruth Kraus and the children's interest in a simple packet of carrot seeds...[more]