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Getting Billy Kids Ready for School

Chris Boydell - Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Class of 2017 fine tuning skills in preparation for school.

It’s this time of year our attention particularly turns to all our excited older children who are heading off to school in 2018, to ensure they will have the skills they need to feel comfortable in those early days of kindergarten.

Each centre does things slightly differently, so feel free to talk to the Centre Director or your child’s teacher to discuss exactly what their school readiness program entails.

In general we work with our children on the following in preparation for school:

  • Focus on responsibility through jobs and roles learning to be helpful
  • Literacy and numeracy examples embedded in the environment
  • Encouraging resilience and self core. A sense of fairness is present throughout social interactions
  • Extending vocabulary, using broad terms and defining words
  • Using the outdoors as a way to show children the reward of trial and error, thereby using their physical skills to build on risk taking
  • Set time to come into Billy Kids wearing school uniform, bringing packed lunches and school bags
  • Building independence through personal responsibility for belongings
  • Putting on their own shoes, opening their own lunch boxes and bags
  • Practice using an exercise book

Graduation Dates: 
Bilgola:  Friday, December 15, 2017, 4pm

Lilyfield : Thursday November 16, 2017

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