Parent Testimonial


 "I feel lucky that from day one Bella has loved Billy Kids. "

 Willoughby Parent Testimonial June, 2011 - HAPPY KIDS

 Hi Cris


 Stew has taken the kiddies to NZ to help his grandmother celebrate her 100th birthday. Anyway Bella was very concerned      that she hadn't told Munira and Blithey and that they'd wonder where she was(!) so please can you pass on the message to them :)

 Also, I just wanted to express my gratitude to Billy Kids. Bella absolutely ADORES Blithey and Munira and will often be  chatting about them during the week or we will do something and she'll say she can't wait to tell them what she's done. It is lovely seeing her delighted little face when she scans the room and sees that they are there and then happily skips off to say hello. 

 I have friends who seem to swap from day- care to day-care never finding one that they're happy with and I feel lucky that from day one Bella has loved Billy Kids. It is a credit to you and your staff for creating a fun and happy environment.

 Anyway, Bella will be back for next Friday. Have a lovely weekend.



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