Bouncing Billy
9560 1999
Billy Kids Lilyfield
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7.30am - 6.30pm

Billy can see his favourite bike. He's trying not to smile and won't let go of mum's hand but he is busting to have a turn on the bike.  Vanessa is playing with some children in the sandpit and notices that Billy has arrived. She waves to Billy as they head inside to unpack their bag. When Billy returns outside, Vanessa is waiting for him. He reluctantly lets go and gives Vanessa a cuddle. She suggests they read a book. Billy shakes his head. Then she suggests they play blocks or visit Henry who is pretending to be a builder in the sandpit. Billy smiles and says no. Finally Vanessa suggests they ride the bike. Billy's face lights up as the stroll towards the bike. He zooms off around the playground a few times before stumbling across the car mat, with his favourite, the "Aeroplanes".
Pikelets and fruit this morning, Billy gobbles down his morning tea before calling for more. After morning Tea, the children are invited to do some dancing. Their favourite at the moment is "The
wheels on the bus" and most of the children move around the mat, their hands moving around like wheels. Some prefer just to sit and watch but Billy loves anything that has wheels and asks Vanessa if they can do the dance again.

Today they are discussing road safety. They read a story "Stefano's Nona" (road safety book) and talk about the story after. Vanessa talks about wearing a seat belt in the car.
After the story, Billy wanders from the mat. He discovers the mobile, but finds getting the wheels on a bit tricky so he grabs Vanessa's hand and leads her to the mat. Soon there are a number of children all around Vanessa, playing with the mobile.  Kerry the other teacher has gathered a crowd, keen to roll and squish and poke the play dough. Kerry models to the children how to roll singing "This is the way we roll the dough so early in the morning!"

Billy hears an aeroplane and points to the sky "Qantas" he calls.  Immediately he transforms himself in to an aeroplane
and zooms over to the mat to play with the planes again. He plays alongside Henry. They smile at each other and make plane noises, but each child is playing their own game. Billy wanders off to find another toy. He looks back at Henry and soon Henry is following Billy over to the water trough to play with the sea animals. They splash with the sea animals until they hear the familiar sound of Vanessa singing "Everybody wash your hands"
Lunch today is Noodles with chicken. Billy chooses a seat next to Henry.
After lunch, Billy is tired, he trip traps over to his favourite bed and drifts off to sleep, hugging his favourite bear.

In the afternoon, Billy plays with his friends in the other classroom. They play dress ups in home corner, drawing, puzzles and even do a painting before sitting down to some Anzac Biscuits for afternoon tea. Soon it's time to go home. Billy hugs Vanessa and waves to Henry. Billy's mum reads the day book and looks at the lovely photos of Billy learning about road safety. IT HAS BEEN A BUSY DAY! 

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