Bouncing Billy
9560 1999
Billy Kids Lilyfield
64 Charles St
Lilyfield NSW 2040

7.30am - 6.30pm

Billy arrives at BILLY KIDS LILYFIELD.  He sees his teacher from the gate and can't wait to show her the bug he caught on his walk to kindy. He runs over to greet Michelle and show her the little treasure in his hand.  Michelle  asks him what it is and where he found it.  Billy says he found it alongside the creek but he doesn't know what name it has.

Michelle invites some of Billy's friends to help figure out what it is. They collect some magnifying glasses and the bug catcher. They look closer. How many legs does it have? Can you describe what colour it is and its shape? They look in the bug book to see if they can find out his name.  Many of the children want to draw him, some even want to make a model out of him, others just want to watch him and care for him.
Fruit toast today. Billy is chosen to help set the table while his friends go and wash their hands. They sit up at the table for morning tea, washed down with a glass of milk or water.
Michelle calls the children to find a book to read. Billy reaches for the bug book because he wants to take a closer look at the bug.  He settles on a pillow with his book.  Michelle invites Billy to show his friends the bug during circle time.  Billy moves around the circle telling the story of how he caught his prize possession.  Again they have a discussion before Michelle commences her group time. She reads a story book, following up from JJ's interest in transport, and then engages the children in a movement game.
Afterwards, the children are invited to choose an activity. The choices cover most areas of development and some activities are specifically geared for individual children. Michelle  encourages those children to engage in the activity but usually they are drawn to that activity because has evolved out of an interest. This might include puzzles, board games, dramatic play, books, blocks, threading, collage, box construction, Lego etc
After an hour inside, Michelle decides that the children are ready for some physical activity. They head outside to run, jump,
climb, dig in the sand pit, and ride their bikes. Some children prefer a quiet space to read a book or do a puzzle; others want to pretend they are on their fire truck and get ready to put out a fire. Billy wants to search for more bugs.
Pasta  today, Billy's' favourite. After lunch the children have some quiet time. Some of the children want to lie on a bed. Billy would rather do some quiet drawing. He draws a picture of his bug to show his mum.

In the afternoon, Billy plays with his friends in the other classroom. They do some singing and dancing and they even go for another run outside before sitting down to some fruit for afternoon tea. Soon it's time to go home. Billy  packs his bag, collects his craft and says good bye to Michelle and friends.  Billys' mum reads the day book and looks at the lovely photos of Billy reading, drawing and discussing his ideas with his friends. IT HAS BEEN A BUSY BILLY KIDS DAY!

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